December 01, 2004

I just realised

Problems are Oppotunities that you create in helping yourself to grow in Life.... Getting away with covering a goof up with friends' help makes me feel like a winner... it is a different story that I am no way related to the goof up ..SIGH Yours not to ask why.. yours but to do and die... and be damned too in that process.. I am starting to have a serious case of lost and found.. I am constantly losing things and then out of nowhere I am finding it but not before going through an immense sense of loss and emotional turmoil... SIGH.. No matter how hard you try if things are supposed to go wrong they will go wrong ... All the while I had national roaming in my telephone after having paid the money and yesterday somebody threatens me to cut my roaming since I have not paid.. so happened that the amount has been transfered to Rocks' account when my account has roaming facility... now where is the damned logic ... Partying the other day... I met a guy wearing tight jeans and T shirt who was very high on 5 large whiskeys and ice. He insisted on going to the dance floor and twisting his flatulent body.. and doing the NAGIN dance... GOD save me and I was like GAWK ... and that was not all .. he insisted that his girl also do that. ..then he went ahead and started doing a stretch dance... HUH ... everybody thought it was normal except for me... I was forced to go outside and communicate with a cute dog and laugh my guts out... LMAO My sense of humor is not misplaced... since I found out that everybody was ignoring him since they were all drunk .... but they did notice... yehawww.... There was another guy who after guzzling a few watermelon juice plus Vodka... was seen dancing alone.. suddenly he caught hold of a toy lobster that was hanging from the ceiling and help the two clamps or claws and started dancing to it ... LMAO !! he can be excused since he was drunk .. but it was definitely a sight that no one noticed but me... hahahah !! A dear friend thinks that Hindi movies and Bollywood movies are different ... how do I explain the BIG truth to him.. SIGH I desperately need a haircut !!!