December 12, 2004

Monday Mumbles

Here comes another Monday again.. Just when I thought that I would cozy up in a corner on the weekend with movies like Before Sunset, etc., I promptly get an insistent invitation from friends who kindly decided not to leave me on my own ... for whatever puposes.. sometimes its difficult convincing friends that one likes to be on one's own sometimes... but all said and done it was fun... . Point of concern Assam has had a red alert issued by the government my folks toldme the other day. There are major possibilities of an earthquake.. lot of people were awake from 3:00 to 6:00 am in the morning.. day before . Shillong has been experiencing quakes everyday.. earthquakes in Shillong is very common that way.. but hopefully nothing major is about to happen.. people in the east are however expecting a big one like the one which happened 50 years back. If this is true then people out there need to be more aware....

Planets forecast earthquake in Assam: GeologistDecember 04, 2004 19:40 IST Planetary configurations suggest the possibility of an earthquake measuring up to five or six in the Richter scale in Assam on December 12, a Madras University geologist told an international conference on natural hazards in Hyderabad on Saturday. N Venkatanathan said a theory developed by his group indicates that the epicentre of the quake, which may occur around 0600 IST, would be 26.91 degrees north latitude and 94.49 east longitude with an error of one degree -- about 100 km west-southwest of Dibrugarh. More news reports.... Read more

One for the day !! My friend U planning to take me out for lunch.. on friday.. she insists that she wants to take me out.. I politely try to refuse but nothing doing... she is a dear friend so what the heck !! Now U is a very patient sort totally opposite to yours truly.. but when she is driving,... she kind of loses it and becomes a different personality altogether.. you can hear all teh cuss words in the dictionary which kinda makes me go GAWK... ( thinking to myself ... I think I am more tolerant on the road) we decide to meet next to Hotel Chandrika from where she will pick me up. U comes and sees some police there and is forced to move down the road... U calls me : Pallavi, I am on Cunningham Road. Where do I meet you ? I could not stop in the planned point so tell me where to meet you. Me: (Thinking fast) meet me where you parked last.. when you came to meet me.. U: Okay.... and she switches off.. I start walking down the road ... where I ask her to come ... on walking quite a distance.. i see no sign of her... I call her up on her cell and ask her... where she is ? U: okay Pallavi I am in Cunnigham road but I do not know where.. its in the beginning of the road.. and I see some bank and some office in front of me.... . Me: (Flabbergasted) but you told me that you will be meeting me here... where you parked the last time... ( my temper slowly boiling.. at having to walk quite a distance for nuts). U: well I thought this would be easier.. so come and meet me here.... wherever I am . Me: ( finding it irritating and slowly losing my fast draining patience) now how do I know where you are.. cunnigham road has lot of beginnings and lots of banks and offices.. ( I had lost my appetite by now). U: With a suffering SIGH ( as if it was my fault) ok I shall come and pick you up at your office.. Me: I say OK ... feeling really not upto going anywhere.. walked 20 minutes back to square 1 and then find her ... Question : how can one confuse oneself so ? and well how does one find someone.. if that someone gives direction as SOME office and SOME bank.. Suffice it to say that I shall be very careful the next time I go for lunch with U.. SIGH !!! . and as if it is not enough.. she puts me on edge when I am with her.. sitting next to her in the car... the moment someone honks... she is ready to get out of her car and beat the hell out of that person... SIGH !! . Moral of the story : Stay away from fussy and cussy friends... if you are not in control of the situation.. LOL .