July 05, 2004

And that came to pass too

The blogger meet was a mixture of new and old bloggers and I came in late but was fun to be there.. but was pressed for time so could not sit and chat.. was very gracious of them to wait up late.. Vighy.. a bundle of contradictions.. Was waiting to meet him.. and it was great connecting with this shy guy.. sans long hair.. LOL rest of the gang seemed to be all from Calicut.. nice to have met all .. i seem to have had a hairy experience.. no offense guys with all the hairy guys in the meet.. I have a snap of them will put it up when I have it developed... Maddie was holding fort as usual... as usual was great meeting with her !! Shashank.... whoa ... I need to talk to you.. you have pissed some people off really bad... :(:( AHEM !!! SIGH !!! Thanks for the Iced Tea... Shashank !!! :) Noufal.. thanks for arranging the meet !!! nice to have met you again !!! I know you are looking forward to meeting Aditya again... yo there dude !! Old friends are always nice to reconnect.. Moonjungle.. is the exact replica of his blog image..nice to have met you !! And those whom I have not mentioned... it was great meeting all of you !!! hope to do it again sometime... Watched TROY.. It was a good movie... loved the fight scenes... the story was well done.. though the guys to whom I was gushing in the meet were not impressed. OK they thought thatI was blinded by Brad Pitt's muscular glory which might have been the trick of some prosthetics but heck I must say I liked Eric Bana better in the role of Hector. The editing was the best I liked about the movie.. I had been to different websites for information on Troy and each has a different pattern to the history ... SIGH and none matches the story..
It seems that when Hector's body was returned Achilles demanded Hector's body's weight in gold.. and only then he was allowed to go.. and not like it was shown in the movie.. The last arrow which killed Achilles was planned by Hector's cousin (some say it was his sister) and Paris. And this princess was burnt alive on his tomb.. after Achilles ordered this just before his death. It was not that easy for the Greeks to reach Troy. It seemed that Agamenon had to sacrifice his own daughter with the ruse of her having to marry Achilles to go forward to Troy.. to appease the goddess Diana.
There are more stories.. and myths to it.. but hey I leave it for you to explore... as for me I think I must just directly read Homer's Illiad.. Anyway.. was a nice movie and I liked it for the editing part and for the fast action.. though I also thought they could have done better with the emotions.. Well you got to go and watch it if you are interested in movies dipped in history.. Malgudi Days Went to this restaurant I have been hearing of from quite some time.. Food is good but service is slow.. but was more attracted by the parrot who was reading fortune.. got to play with the parrot too.. that was my aim ... sheesh !! LOLOL haha !! u must check this place out if you are nearby.. for the food and if you have time for long conversation..