July 07, 2004

Music in my ears

Yesterday went and got ourselves a Worldspace Radio.. Fundo music and fundo channels.. Anybody who likes music...must try this ... Radio gaga is on... baby !!! It rocks... Tried Mainland China yesterday !! Was good !!! Had heard about the Authentic Chinese Food but well its Indianised no doubt but service and food and the ambience was great... Had some snacks in KC Das... well I must tell you that this place has renovated surely but the quality of food has gone down. I guess the sweets are OK but the Samosas and the Kachoris are not what they were some time back.. Off with the good old days and in with the new hep but mechanical days... Today morning I dont know what I was thinking.. I got out of the Auto and left my tiffin box in it ... BOO HOOOO am feeling so bad.. I am having a losing spree... I lost my pyara sa sun glasses and now my pyara sa tiffin bag... BAWLLLLLLLLLL WAAAHHH But heck what is gone is gone... tomorrow is another day... My world is in a tizzy !!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!! some lost some gained and life goes on !!!!