July 09, 2004

Rains and more rains..

Raindrops are falling on my head I'm just like a guy whose feet are too big for his bed Nothin� seems to fit Those raindrops are falling on my head, they keep falling So I just did me some talking to the sun And I said I didn�t like the way he got things done Sleeping on the job Those raindrops are falling on my head, they keep falling But there�s one thi-i-ing I know The blues they send to meet me won�t defeat me It won�t be long till happiness steps up to gree-ee-eet me 'Cau-au-ause raindrops keep falling on my head Hahh, but that doesn�t mean my eyes will soon be turning red Cryin�s not for me �Cause I�m never gonna stop the rain by complaining Because I�m free-ee-ee-ee-ee Nothings worrying me-ee-ee Raindrops keep falling on my head Hahh, but that doesn�t mean my eyes will soon be turning red Cryin�s not for me �Cause I�m never gonna stop the rain by complaining Because I�m free-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee Nothin�s worrying me-ee-ee Just musing.... ruminating.. Yesterday Banglore experienced another bout of heavy shower and though it was pleasant to be inside the office waiting to be picked up by R, I was thinking of different times when I was stuck in between showers. Rains in Shillong.. the land where we had the highest rainfall record not so long back Rains would belt down from all directions making walking in the rain fun.. getting drenched in the rain would be a fun activity and there were hardly any puddles .. and whatever was there was clean so you could splash around as much as you wanted without getting really dirty.. after the rains the whole mountain would be as if someone had literally washed each leaf for a big Sunday party.. AHHHH the feel of a hot tea after getting deliberately soaked in the rain and cozying up with a good book watching the pine trees swinging crack by crack shaking the water off the leaves... yes a beauty only nature can provide... Rains in Kerela Recently experienced one of the common coastal showers in Kannur and it poured big drops for three hours but after that the whole town was back to normal.. no water logging anywhere.. and no one would believe that just a few seconds back.. it would hurt to just go out in the rain... Sheesh.. Watched as it rained in the sea.. and i guess I could somehow relate to the words "Swelled with Pride" watching the sea swell up to its glory... it was a thrilling experience.. Rains in Mumbai Got caught in a bad shower in Juhu... was not a great experience... except that I was afraid that we would not be able to make it to the train.. and the taxi driver.. who was driving with one hand while his other hand worked as a wiper.. he gave up after sometime and we reached the station.. with my heart beating since I had experienced the sea just beating down on the road like nobody's business and I did not find anything beautiful in that.. guess the sea was really angry that day !!! :) Rains in Assam Wading through muddy water and fields.. wading is the key word.. Knee deep water is common but everyone takes it in their stride... its fun... in a different way.. the earth soaks in all the water after sometime.. and well I usually avoided venturing out during times as this.. It was fun but definitely not clean... :) Rains in Wayanad Forest Oh this was the most beautiful experience I had.. We were waiting to fix one of the bikes in the forest and we were lashed with big droplets of rains from nowhere..when the rain announced its arrival through the woods.. I thought that it was a woodpecker pecking wood.. :).. and in seconds we were drenched.. I was dancing in the rain.. it was strong but pleasant.. I cannot explain riding in the rain.. with the deep forest sheltering you and blooming in the shower.. Rains in Karnataka Just experienced monsoon in Karnataka on the way to Kemmangundi.. its like nature is playing hide and seek with you.. a rain cloud here and a rain cloud there.. some shower here and some shower there and dry in betweem giving you the chance to dry yourself.. and a nice breeze blowing to take the wetness away.. a kiss of rain I must say.. Rains in Bangalore Bangalore was really pleasant at one time not so many years back with the population still being small and the drainage system being ok.. now.. during the rains we have people dying... by fluke.. roads beng flooded .. mini rivers flowing through the lanes making it impossible for bikes or cars to ply on these roads... and imagine we have strong rains just once or twice in a year but causes so many casualities.. have we forgotten to strive for the balance with nature... which is necessary to co exist... Rains give me a shudder now but I wish I could go back to those days when I could enjoy the oncoming of rains.. and the monsoon... without worrying about what it havoc it would cause just because of the negligence of the concerned people... SIGH... I guess its time to respect nature and the limits that a city can provide for the population.. Updated my photo blog with my travel pics... CLICK HERE to view it :)