September 01, 2004

Ever missed what you really dont want ??

Yesterday was a cranky day.... Reason : the company aquaguard was not functioning... I was getting thirstier and thirstier... had to go to fourth floor everytime I had to fill a bottle... others seem to be fine... I seemed to be the only one who drank few bottles of water during the day... Water is taken so much for granted ... yesterday I was wondering what would happen if we had to buy water like in the US or in Russia... yeah probably... would resort to Indian version of Vodka... I was missing my old offices where water and coffee were the least things we had to worry about and well it pays to work for a bigger organization in that way... Heck one does not always get what one want ?? Then came coffee ... time... Usually I am tea person.. specially red tea without sugar.. good for health you see.... ... Here the admin was trying their level best to get a good coffee machine for us and that particular moment I had this urge to have COFFEE of all things... why.. god knows... blame it on forbidden fruit pschycology I guess...... As they say my javalicious craving was making me go bonkers and all for what.. just because the pschye knew that it would not be available... HUH ... Or was it because I was feeding my sadistic side by craving for something that I did not really want but wanted it anyways.... ( go figure that out) But hallelujah !!! my day was saved... there was this awesome machine which got installed... which provided.. TEA, COFFEE, HOT WATER ( which is the only thing I need), LEMON TEA and and and you will never guess ... TOMATO SOUP... ( Of all things ) just at the press of a button... pretty neat I must say. I just hope that the button will last us.. long... ... As soon as I saw the machine... my monkey of a brain stopped trying to figure things out and settled down... See what visual stimulation does for the brain... ... And life came back to normal again ... with me happily banging on the keyboard... sometimes the silliest of the things can get to me.. is it because I am woman or is it because I am human... But I still have to run for water... oh well it will be good for me I guess... At least I got Coffee which I dont really drink LOL.... Pet Peeve Cars with HIGH BEAM lights... sometimes I have seen the drivers not knowing the difference between high beam and dipper.... when asked to some... one replies that that person puts it on since he has to compete with trucks... DUH.. next one on the road does not know the difference unless I literally put it in his eyes.. then he shoves his hand at me... or gives me an ugly look... DUH.. TIT for TAT.. I guess.. you go HIGH I also go HIGH.... GRRRRRR and then he has the gumption to go BIG EYES at me... GRRRRR !!! Many respect the fact that dippers are helpful in night driving... but some really dont seem to bother.. or dont know that they are driving with high beam.... Wait till I get them fog lamps... The warrior is getting bedecked now... buhahahahahah !!! Poignant Moment As I am waiting in the Jeep for Rocks to get something... I see this Thella walla.. who sells Bhelpuri... an old man... meticulously cutting thin slices of a tomato... he is not fast but he is perfect... then he arranges the tomatoes in a plate.. decorating them as if it was an art... It sure was... then he places the plate ... and waits... with a tired expression in his face... tired yet expectant... it is a crowded street where people dont have the time to stop.. yet he is hopeful... another slice of Life... passing by my eyes... A note of thanks: DUDE Vighy... thanks for the help.. you are a gem !!!