November 24, 2004

lights up my soul !!

conversations over mirinda and french fries.... with a friend cooking up an age old dish which I had never cooked but which was a favorite of my ma's and getting it just right... SIGH... I miss my ma's food ... seeing a furry black and white dog cross the road and making it just at the nick of time... overtaking ..... ok I am not naming the cars here... but yessss it does thrill me to go past the very cars who would be looking at a woman driver with disdain... beating the traffic getting a green signal all the way from home to work... thats a 30 to 40 min drive without traffic... yehawwwwwwwww the diamond ad in the TV which has two old people and the gentleman says to his old wife.. how will the diamond know your age... priceless... thinking up a birthday gift that will light up my friend's soul... And I have a new template.... hurrayyyyyyyyy !!!