February 06, 2005

Birds everywhere

This weekend I was curtain shopping when I entered this shop known as Pet Planet... got attracted by the vibrantly colored birds kept outside... I could not imagine they had so many birds inside the shop along with fish... when I went inside.. Big fish, small fish, big birds... like the huge white parrots with cute crown on their head, a multicolored macaw.. ... I was like stupefied.. Never seen so many species of birds at one shot... Mini doves, african parrots, love birds, etc etc .. They had good user friendly cages which you could clean and feed easily... There were some up to the date aquariums made of fibre.. etc .. Prices of the birds ranged from 30,000 a pair to 600/- a pair.. EGAD Fish price was decent.. Am thinking of keeping a few goldfish.. but birds are also a good idea only that I do not like seeing them in cages... better to be content with my sparrows... ******************************************** Watched Dil Maange More... hmmm... fully faltu but I think it was ok.. Zoya Khan needs more punch in her acting skills me thinks... :) Watched Aitraaz... Have fallen in love with The gela gela gela song sequence... ********************************************* Missed watching Sting... but heck hope we get another opportunity... WAAAH !!! Overheard a doc talking to another while taking my cousin in law to the doc .. DOC A: You know yesterday na .. itna bhir tha... woh STING ka concert tha.. DOC B: oh that must have been good DOC A: with a sigh.. I lost my mobile in the crowd... DOC B : really.. so how was the concert DOC A : It was OK (GAWK STING and just OK ) DOC B: Same reaction as I was having inside my mind... Why . he rocks man !! DOC A : Yaar tu na !! you will not get it .. he is not like Enrique Iglesias... Me in my mind: ARRRRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH where oh where does this comparison come to the fore... STING and Enrique are two different genres.. Yeeesh !!! Guess he has been introduced to the music scene very recently... My cousin in law who is a great fan of Enrique looked at me and later jumped with joy,.... I was like ... feeling ancient.. LOLOLOL !!! ************************************************ I think I like the Subs in Subway... if you have the time... do try the Paneer tikka Sub and the Chicken teriyaki Sub.. they rock... :) and Monday is rocking !!