February 18, 2005


Looking for comfort
mewww mewww, originally uploaded by Jilmil.
Found this lonely kitten in Ranganthittu.. was a sick one but came to me in a pat purring for comfort... thought that the cat need some scratching... below the neck... purrrrrrrrrrr.... a fellow biker clicked this .. I am usually the one behind the lens.. this is one time I am in it :) ... Girl power.... Two children fighting for superiority.. sister who is the elder one pushes.. the little bro and tries to push her back.. but cannot due to his size... sister pushes back.. shouts at him... bro runs to a nearby cycle which was parked.. and pushes it down.. sister gets angrier .. hits bro... bro runs helter skelter till he spies another cycle standing and pushes that down too... sister... shouts but backs off.. bro ... a big smile of glee... All this happens in a fraction of a second just as I was driving past my lane... goes to say... fraction of a second can make you the alpha male or the alpha female... in your vicinity... Laloo Prasad Yadav Thats the name of the &^@$%# movie I watched ... its a bad remake of A fish called Wanda.. and unless you want to see the real Laloo along with the jokers.. in the screen.. STAY AWAY from it ... Love
the lone thinker the lone thinker, originally uploaded by Jilmil.
needs lot of work and patience... SIGH ... dunno why but all the posts I have been reading with reference to love has been disappointing to say the least... Rocks proves it in his quest for the unreachable ....that is attain balance with me .... LOLOL (What is he looking for... this man o'mine.. I tell you what.. he was looking for... tadpoles... hahha !! dont ask me why?? ) LEOs here LEOs there.. I am being hunted :)
A rottweiler pup A rottweiler pup, originally uploaded by Jilmil.
My new friend, Leo...... which I made... I think he is a Rottweiler but am not for sure he is ... he is a bundle of contradictions.. he looks his most serious when he is up to something.. he likes to think he is cute ... he is so adorably ugly heheh that I could hug him tight... he greets me with a bark from the terrace next to mine.. while I do my rounds.. he patiently waits till I come across him and looks at me with eagerness... heres to you Leo for making my mornings .. more interesting.... ( to think of it... This dog is a LEO, my husband is a LEO, my Father is a LEO ... waaahhhhhhh !!! am I dreaming or do I need help.. talk of coincidences... )