February 21, 2005

Flog the bloggers or blog the floggers

Bloggers make headlines in TOI.. seems that the freedom of expression is being questioned about ... though they have given some vague examples.. would not know how far it is true... Blogging is personal but some organizations do encourage blogging calling it by different names or management yada yada !! Now that it has been a household name altogether, blogging is being frowned upon... bloggers have the risk of losing their jobs because of some personal write ups that they had made against the "software" company.. which the "management" did not like... Here it must be again realised that blogging has its own undefined rule.. If you are going to write general... there is no harm is letting your identity known to the masses.. If you are cribbing then you got to definitely go anonymous or blog from home and keep it as anonymous as possible.. and as if bloggers did not know that... Whatever said and done .. blogging again makes news.. Publicity or is it just a bite back funda of TOI.. :) God only knows ( by the way this movie is cool :) ) ************************************************************ From a pamphlet I got yesterday JUISSE LAND CHOKLATE ICE CREAM BLACK CURRENT MASH MELONE CHOCALATE FUDGE COCONUTE ICE CREAM CARROTE JUISSE PAPPAY PINAPLE JUISSE STRA BERY COKETALE JUISSE WATER MELONE I intend no offense to the Mallu population but I just could not help it.. this was from a new Mallu fruit vendor ... who was passing his JUISSY ... menu !!