February 08, 2005

Do we need some more ??

As the Chinese population get ready to celebrate the new year.. I was somewhat surprised at reading this... and I was thinking to myself.. do we need some more bad news added to all that is happening all over..
This Chinese lunar year is the Year of the Rooster . The element is wood. The last time we experienced a Year of the Wood Rooster was 60 years ago, between February 13, 1945, and February 1, 1946. Forecasting that tumultuous time, the French seer Nostradamus, centuries earlier, composed warnings of the times ahead in verse. That last Year of the Wood Rooster was definitely a year of Biblical proportions, a time in history when the forces of light battled and conquered the forces of darkness and death, and many powers were shifted. The unfathomable horrors of the concentration camps were unveiled. World War II came to an end as Hitler and his evil Third Reich were taken out of power and destroyed. The first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Three days later, another atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. There is a very old adage that history repeats itself in cycles, a fact of which I�m sure Nostradamus himself was well aware. If this Chinese lunar year manifests itself anything like it did back in 1945, the Year of the Wood Rooster is sure to not only change the course of history, but shape the course of the future as well. Read On
And the same newsletter has an interesting theory about beating the bad effects of a planet in your horoscope without spending much money.. I found that humorous and practical given the fact that astrology makes one blind sometimes and the mass is taken for a ride in the name of bad effect of the planets and "parihar" to remove it !!

Saturn is lonely and feels unloved. Having grown up listening to jeers and taunts (because Saturn walks with a limp and is ugly to look at), he cries out in anguish, �And if you prick us, do we not bleed?� Nothing, therefore, would please him more than empathy. Saturn rules isolation, asceticism and old age. One could try to chip away at his crustiness by a voluntary visit to an old-age home every week (or every fortnight or every month, but at regular pre-determined intervals since Saturn loves discipline). Read on for more....
And its a wonderful evening !!! :)