February 15, 2005

Twisted Tuesday

V day gone and some tension has been released... he he !! in the midst of attending an office dinner ( that too veg ... ) and then hurrying to pick a gift for my man.. it was a day which came and gone but not without its moments.. picking up a gift for friends is a quick thing but picking the right gift for your man takes a while when the choices slowly get tighter year by year... but anyway thinking about it is fun.. after much thinking I got this brillant idea to gift him an original Zippo lighter, which is usually almost every man's desire to covet it and flaunt it. Add to that a huge card which proclaimed my "love" and "lust" for him in 101 ways.. LOLOL and a poster which had all the alcohol bottles that was possible.. only one of which we had tasted.. The next thing was to hide it or rather display it in strategic places where his eyes would go.. he he !! aint I the romantic one !! SIGH... my V day was made.. looking the expression of joy in his eyes and then him reading the card slowly ... ( 101 sentences... SHEESH but BLUSH) he yacked at the funny lines and sighed at the groovy lines... watching him fiddle this way and that with the lighter... made me laugh when he started reading the bottles projected in the poster... and his expression of disappointment that he had had only one brand out of all of them... made my day... hahah .!! men .. they are so predictable sometimes and adorable too... Thats what we are "crazy baruas"... and I love my Barua to nuts .... he he !!
Inside Orange county Inside Orange county, originally uploaded by Jilmil.
some left over shots which you can check out when you have the time and the inclination !!! this is about the time when we went to Coorg and ended up again visting this place.. this time we decided we will burn a hole and stay there even if it is for a night.. hehe *************************************** PS: I really do not know who is deleting comments.. Haloscan is hibernating and so are my comments.. have put YACCS commenting box.. please use that.. blogger is also behaving spookily without me knowing about it.. its deleting comments .. GAWK !!!