April 11, 2005


Rocky tired but good to go Rocky tired but good to go, originally uploaded by Jilmil.
I am still going through a jinxed period in my life... mercury the god of swiftness has taken a vacation from my account So every bit of what I say gets cross connected for some reason or the other.. Lying low.. lying soft.. lying till the shadows lift... Sunday dinner was awesome where Madhu Menon laid out this absolutely brillant 4 course meal. Lucky for us that he was free... and we were treated to his culinary skills... which included Fruit And Shrimp Salad, Crab noodles, Egg Fried rice and Fish in Yellow Curry, and a combo of flat rice noodles, some chinese sausage, and eggs ... and ended with complimentary icecream.... That was after some chicken Satay, Drunken Beef and Chicken in Peanut and Chilli sauce... I freaked on Tequila Stinger.. which was much better than Tequila Sunrise.. and it goes down slow and strong... Finished watching Sex and the City's Season Two.... I think I am addicted to woman power... hahahah !!!! Whatever... Rains in Bangalore.. what a pleasant sight... Finally some cool weather... but its heating up again !!