April 24, 2005

Culture ... Koolture

Sakshi speaking to the tree Sakshi speaking to the tree, originally uploaded by Jilmil.
Saturday evening saw us enjoying the cool breeze in Fireflies farm and getting a taste of the cultural kaliedoscope in Bhoomi Jatre. My notes.. Well organised event... it was nice to see an event without having any obvious sponsors.. Loved the Yakshagana dance... something new for me to watch.. The violinist duo was amazing in bringing out their compositions and their jugalbandi session was pretty cool.. The only disadvantage was that it went on for too long.. one needs some change after an hour.. However good a program is one can take it only upto a certain time... Konark Reddy and Roberto Narayan.. did some jamming session.. except that their Work in Progress was actually a work in progress it was jarring to say the least but the effort was appreciated... I dont think I should compare but after listening to Taufiq Khureshi Roberto Narayan was kind of ok and nothing extraordinary... dont know what the hype about him was... Loved the slide guitar performance... And absolutely loved the dance composition ... of Sakshi's story.. very well done... There was one part where there was this elaborate dance was going on and a dog came up to the stage... totally bewildered to see all the action and did not know what to make of it.... After being entranced for some seconds.. it ran off .... The stage, oak tree must be its sleeping or irrigation place... and it was confused seeing the tree transformed into a stage... They could have made the shows a little shorter.. guess they did not have enough performers.. Food was great... you could get a variety of food to eat.. and there were lot to buy too.. I got a good deal with the free books... And I had MOMOS ... buhahahah !!! here are the pictures of that evening if you are interested... ******************************************************************** Casa Del Sol Amazing place to eat.. here is the review of that place... *************************************** Robot Animation Movie A must watch if you like animation... lot of humor involved and a great animation work.. I must say... ******************************************* Alonso Alonso it is ... Yet again Alonso did it.. though this time I appreciate Michael Schumacher a lot since he came to the 2nd position from 13th place... only he can do it.. I dont think even Alonso could do that if he was in the 13th place... but got to admit that Renault traction is much better than Ferrari.. looking forward to another race... Micheal proves it again and again.. that it takes more than just being the best to win... ********************************************** May God bless Preeti and give her strenth to be where she needs to be... !!