April 06, 2005


I do not believe in coincidences.. every little incident has its means and end.. when you connect with a total stranger when there is a cycle carrying bike repairs just when my bike breaks down when you just manage to reach home as it starts raining.... when an individual is bent on being sadistic with regard to a simple issue like deliberately coming against a one way and not refusing to budge when you honk when I can see only oily food when I am trying hard to maintain a diet and lately there is this little puppy who is bent on coming under my wheels just when I enter my work premises.. this little adorable critter inevitably comes and stands in the middle of the gate just when I am about to take the turn to enter the office. Is it daring me to run him over ?? or is he just saying good morning to me ?? no matter what time I come in.. this bugger is there... wagging its weak tail.. looking at me with those soulful eyes.. wish I could take him with me... but is all this coincidental ???