April 27, 2005

Totally personal...and then some

Ok this post has got to do with me, myself and more me... so you can kindly ignore it if it does not work for you... LOL hehe !! I was going through Squirrel's post as usual.. and found this post very interesting and thought I would get interviewed by the Squirrel herself... and here are the questions that she came up with.. I think I did something similar for Nupur too...but anyway I shall place this as a post... This gemini likes answering interesting questions.. so here we go... 1. Is balance a good thing or a bad thing? Can one be "too" balanced? Balance is what I like looking out for everytime in my life.. who does not...In everything if i have found a downhill, i have also found an uphill and given a choice I would always like to remain in the middle. but I guess that does not work out very well in life. As soon as you think that you have attained the perfect balance... for example between two or three aspects in life.. there comes something which totally takes your foothold away... I guess it is good to expect the unexpected and try and keep your balance no matter what.. One can never be too balanced.. I guess.. it just is not the way life is designed for anyone... one can strive for some greys but you have to go through your black and whites to find your true colors... 2. If you could only eat 5 foods for the rest of your life, what would they be? These can either food items... like grapes, or dishes... like biryani. Well... eating good food is something which I like... Maybe I would settle for
  • Salads ( both fruits and vegetables)
  • Stuff made of mince meat and bread/rice
  • Blue berry cheese cake
  • wine
  • water
3. What animal do you think you most resemble (behaviorally or physically, or both)? I would associate with the cat family i think... I would like to think that I am
  • as ferocious and impulsive as a tiger
  • as graceful, independent and resourceful as a cat
  • as open hearted and stealthy as a lynx
  • as mysterious as the mountain lion
  • as fast in thinking as the cheetah moves
  • as invisible as the black panther in the dark when required
  • as lucky as a house cat
  • as fearless as the leopard
  • as warm as a tigress with its family
  • as fun loving as the tiger cubs which learns a lesson even in play
4. What is the saddest thing you can imagine? The happiest?
  • Being without my partner or pets .. or my folks and my aunts... whom I love a lot.. they complete my circle...
  • Being with my partner and my folks ....and lot of pets... yeah and lots of good friends....
5. What is one thing people assume about you that just isn't true.
  • That I am available 24 / 7 for people who when I call are nowhere to be seen.
  • That I shall always be able to make people laugh. (I do have my black moments which I expect my friends to understand)
  • That I have limitless patience and can forgive everything just because I have overlooked a lot of gaffes.
  • That I do not have a serious side.
  • That I only have a serious side... LOLOL ( contradicting isnt it ?)
  • That I will take whatever is doled out to me without reacting.
here is something else which I picked up from Ash's post.. these things are addictive I tell you.. here are my 43 things that I so so so dream about and waiting for it to be a reality... if you want to list down your wishes for the heck of it.. you can do so at 43things.com And here is another moving write up I read through Wise Donkey's Post. Incidentally he is also the same guy who was in the news sometime back for climbing the IISC tower when the Chinese Premier was in town. ( As per Aqua's information)