April 04, 2005


is what I feel like... Having a spate of Murphy's law specially when it comes to biryani... god knows why ... After having this awesome Beef Biryani for 25/- and Kaali Mirch for 18/- it was like I was dreaming biryani all the way through.. . review coming up shortly... you got to go there if you eat beef.. YEHAWWWWWWWW !!! Shivaji nagar has a 10/- mutton biryani by the way... have to write about that sometime... if you go at 11:30 you will pass this guy with a hot saucepan serving out mutton biryani for 10/- bucks... and it tastes awesome... I swear I am a glutton.. hehee !! Saturday I have this terrible inclination for biryani.. completely forgetting that it was my veg day.. SIGH... and getting totally pissed off unecessarily with hubby for not getting me biryani... all that swollen sulk for nothing !!! SIGH Sunday... a friend invites me for coffee... I message that friend that it is okay if we can meet some other time.. ( i just wanted to sleep and I knew she would like that too). She says that she will come and meet me... I wait at the appointed place... sacrificing F1 race and my sleep... still not grumbling since it was a good pal of mine... and well anything for friends... got to know after driving all the way to the place.. .and waiting for 10 minutes that the friend was peacefully sleeping and totally ignored all my messages... IS THAT DUMB OR IS THAT DUMB ? And I thought I was forgetful... I go $%@#@#@!@# and swear all the back home ... my consolation and admittable glee at not missing the race at all... That evening to satisfy my biryani craving.. my hubby takes me to this joint near home... and I have the most disgustingly made biryani... and I decide to give up to Murphy getting the better of me... and I keep quiet... going quietly ballistic inside.. but I know the more I get ballistic the more Murphy will get to me... So OM SHANTI OM,.... ************************************************************************** Before Murphy struck... we watched Million Dollar Baby. An excellent movie.. I have watch it again since some of the dialogues have been garbled and I feel I have watched the movie partially .. and the worst was that they edited some scenes.. GRRRR.. I hate cinema hall edits.... I am going to get a good DVD and watch this movie again... An absolutely heart rocking movie... Hilary Swanks absolutely rocks... Story is unpredictable and somewhat slow but it picks up when you are whammied with an unexpected blow... An absolute must watch... :) *********************************************************** Other movies that I watched... Constantine Its a mixture of Devil's advocate and Matrix.. nothing much there... Dishum and one demon is gone.. dhishum and one demon is created... nothing new here... Bewafa My friend is still cursing me how I conned her into this movie.. I wanted to watch a timepass movie.. but this movie passes the concept of timepass and goes to being cringingly boring... to tears... Rog This movie itself is a disease you will get if you watch it... did not know what they wanted to project... EGAD... all skin and no story.. I think it is high time we stopped sensationalising sex and selling it to the audience... Shabd I liked this movie... a very unusual concept... just like Lamhe, it is not something for the mass but it definitely is well done.. great edits... good music... good storyline... unsual but its nice to know that experiment with stories are on... instead of the same old storyline rehashed over and over again.. Jurm An okay movie.. Lara Dutta is not actor material ... but going by the picture.. it is a typically bollywood Ishtyle movie... with all the thrill and the suspense thrown in but no substance... A very predictable movie... you have all seen in before... *************************************************************************** F1 Renault rocks...way to go Alonso... an interesting race ... tough one but interesting all the same.. Good to see Raikonnen on the podium..