April 27, 2005

Totally personal...and then some

Ok this post has got to do with me, myself and more me... so you can kindly ignore it if it does not work for you... LOL hehe !! I was going through Squirrel's post as usual.. and found this post very interesting and thought I would get interviewed by the Squirrel herself... and here are the questions that she came up with.. I think I did something similar for Nupur too...but anyway I shall place this as a post... This gemini likes answering interesting questions.. so here we go... 1. Is balance a good thing or a bad thing? Can one be "too" balanced? Balance is what I like looking out for everytime in my life.. who does not...In everything if i have found a downhill, i have also found an uphill and given a choice I would always like to remain in the middle. but I guess that does not work out very well in life. As soon as you think that you have attained the perfect balance... for example between two or three aspects in life.. there comes something which totally takes your foothold away... I guess it is good to expect the unexpected and try and keep your balance no matter what.. One can never be too balanced.. I guess.. it just is not the way life is designed for anyone... one can strive for some greys but you have to go through your black and whites to find your true colors... 2. If you could only eat 5 foods for the rest of your life, what would they be? These can either food items... like grapes, or dishes... like biryani. Well... eating good food is something which I like... Maybe I would settle for
  • Salads ( both fruits and vegetables)
  • Stuff made of mince meat and bread/rice
  • Blue berry cheese cake
  • wine
  • water
3. What animal do you think you most resemble (behaviorally or physically, or both)? I would associate with the cat family i think... I would like to think that I am
  • as ferocious and impulsive as a tiger
  • as graceful, independent and resourceful as a cat
  • as open hearted and stealthy as a lynx
  • as mysterious as the mountain lion
  • as fast in thinking as the cheetah moves
  • as invisible as the black panther in the dark when required
  • as lucky as a house cat
  • as fearless as the leopard
  • as warm as a tigress with its family
  • as fun loving as the tiger cubs which learns a lesson even in play
4. What is the saddest thing you can imagine? The happiest?
  • Being without my partner or pets .. or my folks and my aunts... whom I love a lot.. they complete my circle...
  • Being with my partner and my folks ....and lot of pets... yeah and lots of good friends....
5. What is one thing people assume about you that just isn't true.
  • That I am available 24 / 7 for people who when I call are nowhere to be seen.
  • That I shall always be able to make people laugh. (I do have my black moments which I expect my friends to understand)
  • That I have limitless patience and can forgive everything just because I have overlooked a lot of gaffes.
  • That I do not have a serious side.
  • That I only have a serious side... LOLOL ( contradicting isnt it ?)
  • That I will take whatever is doled out to me without reacting.
here is something else which I picked up from Ash's post.. these things are addictive I tell you.. here are my 43 things that I so so so dream about and waiting for it to be a reality... if you want to list down your wishes for the heck of it.. you can do so at 43things.com And here is another moving write up I read through Wise Donkey's Post. Incidentally he is also the same guy who was in the news sometime back for climbing the IISC tower when the Chinese Premier was in town. ( As per Aqua's information)

April 24, 2005

Culture ... Koolture

Sakshi speaking to the tree Sakshi speaking to the tree, originally uploaded by Jilmil.
Saturday evening saw us enjoying the cool breeze in Fireflies farm and getting a taste of the cultural kaliedoscope in Bhoomi Jatre. My notes.. Well organised event... it was nice to see an event without having any obvious sponsors.. Loved the Yakshagana dance... something new for me to watch.. The violinist duo was amazing in bringing out their compositions and their jugalbandi session was pretty cool.. The only disadvantage was that it went on for too long.. one needs some change after an hour.. However good a program is one can take it only upto a certain time... Konark Reddy and Roberto Narayan.. did some jamming session.. except that their Work in Progress was actually a work in progress it was jarring to say the least but the effort was appreciated... I dont think I should compare but after listening to Taufiq Khureshi Roberto Narayan was kind of ok and nothing extraordinary... dont know what the hype about him was... Loved the slide guitar performance... And absolutely loved the dance composition ... of Sakshi's story.. very well done... There was one part where there was this elaborate dance was going on and a dog came up to the stage... totally bewildered to see all the action and did not know what to make of it.... After being entranced for some seconds.. it ran off .... The stage, oak tree must be its sleeping or irrigation place... and it was confused seeing the tree transformed into a stage... They could have made the shows a little shorter.. guess they did not have enough performers.. Food was great... you could get a variety of food to eat.. and there were lot to buy too.. I got a good deal with the free books... And I had MOMOS ... buhahahah !!! here are the pictures of that evening if you are interested... ******************************************************************** Casa Del Sol Amazing place to eat.. here is the review of that place... *************************************** Robot Animation Movie A must watch if you like animation... lot of humor involved and a great animation work.. I must say... ******************************************* Alonso Alonso it is ... Yet again Alonso did it.. though this time I appreciate Michael Schumacher a lot since he came to the 2nd position from 13th place... only he can do it.. I dont think even Alonso could do that if he was in the 13th place... but got to admit that Renault traction is much better than Ferrari.. looking forward to another race... Micheal proves it again and again.. that it takes more than just being the best to win... ********************************************** May God bless Preeti and give her strenth to be where she needs to be... !!

April 22, 2005


Among my Souvenirs music by Edgar Leslie, lyrics by Horatio Nicholls

There's nothing left for me Of days that used to be They're just a memory Among my souvenirs

Some letters sad and blue A photograph or two I see a rose from you Among my souvenirs

A few more tokens rest Within my treasure chest And, though they do their best To give me consolation,

I count them all apart And, as the teardrops start, I find a broken heart Among my souvenirs

I count them all apart And, as the teardrops start, I find a broken heart Among my souvenirs ********************************* ....Some chord touched A lost tune sung.. here I am with my souvenirs in my solitude and they say past is past why is it never one to last knowing the answers yet I am back with my souvenirs.... have a nice weekend folks...

April 21, 2005


Phone talk Me at the fag end of the day getting a message on my antique mobile... "I do not know you are. I am so confused. Please tell me who you are.. I do not know how I got your number.blah blah blah" Me thinking : How the heck would I know who that is ? Typically I am too caught up to reply to that message. And I forget about it.. After sometime I get a call... Man ( now why was that obvious) : Hello? Me: Hello? ( quite abruptly since I was trying to figure out something and it was really late) Man: who are you? I dont know how I got your number .. but who are you ? Me: Who is this ? ( trying to be nice) I think we got our phone numbers crossed... I dont know you .. I am sorry and I guess thats it. Man: ( pause) OHhhhhh... So what do you do ? ( aha a question for a question.. Smart Baiy) Me: ( too tired to get chatty) Look buddy. I am in the middle of something and we just happen to have the wrong numbers here Man: Oh okok ... So when you are free call me ok ... Me: sure sure... ( I cut the phone) HUH ( GAWK ) am i mistaken or was that him trying to talk to me... how did that go like I should call him to find out who I am and how he is so confused... DUH After sometime I get a sms message... Man: I think you have a lot of attitude Me this time not hesitating with a reply... "yes I have.." (and a lot more stinging words).. and "nice to know you". Is there a communication gap here or what.. man calls me ... man messages me.. man tries to know what i do and where I am.. man tells me to call him back... man does not tell me who he is.. when I honestly tell him .. that its a wrong number and I am not interested... I am the one having the attitude here.... OK is this the finest example of male chauvinism or what... or maybe at this hour of the night when I would like to cozy with my book my wires have been crossed.. Bless you MAN for being a MAN but dont blame me for being a WOMAN.. women are supposed to have attitudes .. BUAHHAHAHAH A!!! and if I know you MAN, I am sorry for this ... but if you would have told me who you were... maybe this conversation would not have been so abrupt... :) ********************************************************** In the lift: A tall American an Indian with an American accent... and evirl 'ol me. American: walking inside the lift.. with a golf case.. Indian: Hi... ( trying to be his friendly self) American: Hi.. Indian: back from the US huh American: Yeah.. Indian: Ah a golf case?? you have started playing golf? American: Umm nope with a smile Indian: Then why are you carrying one? American: UMmm its for a friend.. Indian: Who ? Tim, Paul, .. American: ( feeling very invaded) ummmm nope.. its for Alfred.. you know him ? Indian: tying to get the connection.. Oh Alfie ?? American: Ummm yeah maybe ?? Indian: Ahhh so he is playing golf.. and you got it for him... from here.. American: No .... SIGH from the US... Me: silently praying for that guy to shut up before he gets snubbed by the American... TING ... the lift door opens and.. and the american also looks a lot relieved... I also am happy that it is time for me to get out... :) Are we Indians always that curious ? Or are we trying to be over friendly sometimes... ? What is it that makes us want to bring out a full story out of a one line conversation..

April 18, 2005

Hanging out in Horsley hills

A nice way to ride through A nice way to ride through, originally uploaded by Jilmil.

This is what we did this weekend nice place to go if you just want to chill out... here is the write up with information about the place and the snaps.. .. Toodle doooo. PS: Met this awesomely beautiful deer ... cant get over its beautiful eyes.. SIGH !!

Horsley Hills is a quaint little place where you can chill out and have fun..

If you are looking for lot of activity, then this is not the place to go..

If you have lot of stuff happening in the group.. then this is the place to go..

A nice getaway for the weary... its a nice time to be there.. now...

The drive is a beautiful one where the road is flanked by gulmohur trees..

All in all it is a good place to take off on a weekend !!


If you are interested in a film festival happening in town you can visit this link.. some movies for thought.. eh ????

April 12, 2005

Are you going to be there ??

Dear Friends,

Bhoomi Jathre is here once again!

Two weeks after Ugadi on Saturday April 23rd. The theme for this jathre is THE TREE GOD � MARA DEVARU.

Thus we bring you a non-sponsored, dusk to dawn, music festival in celebration of trees. Where the artists, and in fact, the whole event is supported by the gate collection. We are also particularly thrilled to say that the entrance remains Rs 200 for the third year running. No mean feat considering the price of a cappuccino, a pint or the last row at Sting.

More than ever the jathre has become a movement of artists rather than just a platform for performance. Great new talent, respected senior artists, a protest singer from the rain forests of Ecuador� They are all coming together to play beneath a banyan tree. On April 23rd many of us will gather at Fireflies, a beautiful eco-ashram on Kanakpura Road, to star-gaze and listen to them.

Renowned violinists Mysore Nagaraj & Dr.Mysore Manjunath have joined the jathre with much joyousness. As have a Yakshagana troupe from Udipi and Shiri Dance Company from Bangalore. From Myndsnare, a popular heavy metal band to G. Ravi Kiran, a formidable Carnatic vocalist�these are just a sample of the range.

The line-up for this year is as follows:

Appagere Thimmaraju � Jaanapada about trees

David Chungandro Teran (Ecuador) � Protest songs from Latin America

Yakshagana (Udipi)

Prakash Sontakke � Hindustani slide guitar

Shiri Dance Company � performing SAAKSHI, a Tale of a Tree

Mysore Nagaraj & Dr. Mysore Manjunath � Violin Duet

G. Ravi Kiran � Carnatic Vocals

Konarak Reddy - Guitars

Roberto Narain - Drums

Myndsnare � Metal Band

Yell-O � Rock Band

The concert runs between sunset and sunrise, but you are welcome to come in any time after 5.30pm. We will be doing sound checks, but the craft stalls will be open. And as in earlier years, there will be stalls with home-made food cooked by a variety of people from around Bangalore and Kaggalipura Village.

Chilli bajjis, momos, apple shakes, akki roti

Coffee cake, chocolate fudge, date bars

Organic salads, sandwiches and biriyani

Baskets, t-shirts, mats, chappals


We will be repeating the Free Books Stall and the Flea Market from last year. Please do bring books for the Free Books Stall and practically anything that is legal, eco-friendly and convivial for the Flea Market. The idea is to trade, barter and re-cycle, not to make a killing. From past experience, let it be said that CDs, cheap T-shirts and guava cheese work better at the Flea Market than furniture and other pricey stuff. Eg It�s a great place for bands and musicians to sell their CDs.

To donate books to the Free Books Stall contact Aparna at 9886002171

To participate in the Flea Market contact Gracey at 944842572

For info and directions to Fireflies contact John at 9448192010

For info about Bhoomi Jathre contact Kirtana at (080) 25585395

Bhoomi Jathre tickets, priced at Rs 200 only for a whole night of music will soon be available. CHILDREN BELOW 12 ARE FREE AND VERY WELCOME. Home grown Bhoomi Jathre posters will appear in public spaces, but like every year, we depend on the Bangalore grapevine and other guerilla techniques to get the word out. This is a people-supported, community event. So please, in the immortal words of Lipps Inc,

..�talk about it talk about it talk about it talk about i-it.�

Come, join us�

With much warmth,

Kirtana, Konarak, John, Deepu and all at Fireflies


April 11, 2005


Rocky tired but good to go Rocky tired but good to go, originally uploaded by Jilmil.
I am still going through a jinxed period in my life... mercury the god of swiftness has taken a vacation from my account So every bit of what I say gets cross connected for some reason or the other.. Lying low.. lying soft.. lying till the shadows lift... Sunday dinner was awesome where Madhu Menon laid out this absolutely brillant 4 course meal. Lucky for us that he was free... and we were treated to his culinary skills... which included Fruit And Shrimp Salad, Crab noodles, Egg Fried rice and Fish in Yellow Curry, and a combo of flat rice noodles, some chinese sausage, and eggs ... and ended with complimentary icecream.... That was after some chicken Satay, Drunken Beef and Chicken in Peanut and Chilli sauce... I freaked on Tequila Stinger.. which was much better than Tequila Sunrise.. and it goes down slow and strong... Finished watching Sex and the City's Season Two.... I think I am addicted to woman power... hahahah !!!! Whatever... Rains in Bangalore.. what a pleasant sight... Finally some cool weather... but its heating up again !!

April 08, 2005


Am i glad that today is friday.. picked up by my ears... On learning the Kannada language A ( A Tamilian) : .... mad bidi... mad bidu.... ( trying to figure out which was the right one Josh: Its mad b B ( possibly a North Indian) : Josh ( the expert here ): Me ( silent spectator):

April 06, 2005


I do not believe in coincidences.. every little incident has its means and end.. when you connect with a total stranger when there is a cycle carrying bike repairs just when my bike breaks down when you just manage to reach home as it starts raining.... when an individual is bent on being sadistic with regard to a simple issue like deliberately coming against a one way and not refusing to budge when you honk when I can see only oily food when I am trying hard to maintain a diet and lately there is this little puppy who is bent on coming under my wheels just when I enter my work premises.. this little adorable critter inevitably comes and stands in the middle of the gate just when I am about to take the turn to enter the office. Is it daring me to run him over ?? or is he just saying good morning to me ?? no matter what time I come in.. this bugger is there... wagging its weak tail.. looking at me with those soulful eyes.. wish I could take him with me... but is all this coincidental ???

Paint me a dream

Paint me a Birmingham Tracy Lawrence He was sittin� there, his brush in hand Paintin� waves as they danced, upon the sand With every stroke, he brought to life The deep blue of the ocean, against the mornin� sky I asked him if he only painted ocean scenes He said for twenty dollars, I�ll paint you anything. Chorus: Well could you Paint Me A Birmingham Make it look just the way I planned A little house on the edge of town Porch goin� all the way around Put her there in the front yard swing Cotton dress make it, early spring For awhile she�ll be, mine again If you can Paint Me A Birmingham. He looked at me, with knowing eyes Then took a canvas from a bag there by his side Picked up a brush, and said to me Son just in this picture, where would you like to be I said if there�s any way you can Could you paint me back into her arms again. Paint Me A Birmingham Make it look just the way I planned A little house on the edge of town Porch goin� all the way around Put her there in the front yard swing Cotton dress make it, early spring For awhile she�ll be, mine again If you can Paint Me A Birmingham. Put her there in the front yard swing Cotton dress make it, early spring For awhile she�ll be, mine again If you can Paint Me A, Birmingham. ************************************************* this song just took my back to my dreams.. and where I started... way back... and yes I am on my way to paint myself my own reality......some blurred lines.. some pastels.. some bright colors.. some emotions.. some falls.. some wins.. some loss... and my painting is yet to be over...

April 04, 2005


is what I feel like... Having a spate of Murphy's law specially when it comes to biryani... god knows why ... After having this awesome Beef Biryani for 25/- and Kaali Mirch for 18/- it was like I was dreaming biryani all the way through.. . review coming up shortly... you got to go there if you eat beef.. YEHAWWWWWWWW !!! Shivaji nagar has a 10/- mutton biryani by the way... have to write about that sometime... if you go at 11:30 you will pass this guy with a hot saucepan serving out mutton biryani for 10/- bucks... and it tastes awesome... I swear I am a glutton.. hehee !! Saturday I have this terrible inclination for biryani.. completely forgetting that it was my veg day.. SIGH... and getting totally pissed off unecessarily with hubby for not getting me biryani... all that swollen sulk for nothing !!! SIGH Sunday... a friend invites me for coffee... I message that friend that it is okay if we can meet some other time.. ( i just wanted to sleep and I knew she would like that too). She says that she will come and meet me... I wait at the appointed place... sacrificing F1 race and my sleep... still not grumbling since it was a good pal of mine... and well anything for friends... got to know after driving all the way to the place.. .and waiting for 10 minutes that the friend was peacefully sleeping and totally ignored all my messages... IS THAT DUMB OR IS THAT DUMB ? And I thought I was forgetful... I go $%@#@#@!@# and swear all the back home ... my consolation and admittable glee at not missing the race at all... That evening to satisfy my biryani craving.. my hubby takes me to this joint near home... and I have the most disgustingly made biryani... and I decide to give up to Murphy getting the better of me... and I keep quiet... going quietly ballistic inside.. but I know the more I get ballistic the more Murphy will get to me... So OM SHANTI OM,.... ************************************************************************** Before Murphy struck... we watched Million Dollar Baby. An excellent movie.. I have watch it again since some of the dialogues have been garbled and I feel I have watched the movie partially .. and the worst was that they edited some scenes.. GRRRR.. I hate cinema hall edits.... I am going to get a good DVD and watch this movie again... An absolutely heart rocking movie... Hilary Swanks absolutely rocks... Story is unpredictable and somewhat slow but it picks up when you are whammied with an unexpected blow... An absolute must watch... :) *********************************************************** Other movies that I watched... Constantine Its a mixture of Devil's advocate and Matrix.. nothing much there... Dishum and one demon is gone.. dhishum and one demon is created... nothing new here... Bewafa My friend is still cursing me how I conned her into this movie.. I wanted to watch a timepass movie.. but this movie passes the concept of timepass and goes to being cringingly boring... to tears... Rog This movie itself is a disease you will get if you watch it... did not know what they wanted to project... EGAD... all skin and no story.. I think it is high time we stopped sensationalising sex and selling it to the audience... Shabd I liked this movie... a very unusual concept... just like Lamhe, it is not something for the mass but it definitely is well done.. great edits... good music... good storyline... unsual but its nice to know that experiment with stories are on... instead of the same old storyline rehashed over and over again.. Jurm An okay movie.. Lara Dutta is not actor material ... but going by the picture.. it is a typically bollywood Ishtyle movie... with all the thrill and the suspense thrown in but no substance... A very predictable movie... you have all seen in before... *************************************************************************** F1 Renault rocks...way to go Alonso... an interesting race ... tough one but interesting all the same.. Good to see Raikonnen on the podium..