October 06, 2004


Have you been POPED yet ? Could not help blogging this... am doing this on the sly... he he !! Lunch Time at the office cafeteria ... Me: ( as usual taking out my lunch box with what I consider healthy food and what looks very boring to some) ... munch munch.... A: Hi !! Me : Hi!! B : Guess what Pallavi, I got a lunch box from a colleague since he is eating out.. Me: yo .. cool !! lets see if there is anything interesting ( we all look into it) A: Oh its Ugani... ( with a knowledgable nod ) Me: munch munch .... liking the Food ... ok do you know how to make it ( just in case I can make it .. oh what they heck.. it was going to be good timepass) B: yeah its tasty munch munch A: Now you got to do this this this... and that that that... Then you got to go and get some PAPPU... and ... Me: PAPPU ??? ( Now what was that ? I am pretty decent when it comes to cooking terms and well I could not fathom what PAPPU was.... I needed to be educated.. suddenly it struck me ... ) Me again after 2 minutes of incomprehensibility : Ah Parruppu !! (thats what my Tamil friend taught me .) A: No no PAPPU. Me : ( Slowly... not wanting to stop her flow..) ok go on... A ( enthusiastically) : yes so you put PAPPU ($%@#) , Curry leaves, this powder, that powder and then POPE it.... Me: GAWK ( this was too much ...with an open mouth ) PAPPU and POPE it !!! The first thing that came to my mind was... how did she manage to insult the POPE... A: (and she went on ) so you know you POPE it and then ... after POPEING it you .. blah blah blah... B : ( who was silent till now with a bemused expression on her face... ) What is POPE ? Me: ( thought in my head : definitely not the heavenly POPE ) A: frantically waving her hand this way and that ... POPE na... POPE it... Me: ( got the idea ... EUREKA) ah you are talking of Tadka, I got the idea... B and Me: Rolling in a fit of womanly giggles.... tee hee tee hee tee hee ... you see my wierd sense of humor got tickled.. Me: Ok so you POPE the PAPPU and get this thing done.... great !!! By now all of us are laughing ( thank god A gets the joke and joins us) .. except for C who is a silent spectator and well she looks at us pretty strangely and well... we did not bother to explain..... I am totally POPED now .............. PS: This piece is not written with the intention of offending any languages... My apologies if any offense is taken.