October 28, 2004

Weather.... can do crazy things to the mind... My moods go haywire with the different types of weather that Bangalore seems to be sporting.. Rains as usual make me feel like go snug out somewhere Drizzles makes me feel mushy.... Strong winds makes me feel like going for a fast walk with the wind hitting my face Summer heat makes me feel all colorful Mild winter breeze makes me feel like a big cuppa hot coffee... Winter makes me yearn for a cup of tea with pakodas.. watching the mist... thicken... Today its just so pleasant.. not much sun and not much rain... feel like going for a loooong drive.... somewhere down memory lane... picking up the leftover pieces... and assembling them together in a soft mural... like design... some dark patches some light... I was also wondering how silence... can feed in new thoughts of personality development... for me... and that is rare for me... he ahha aha !!! Watched Bride and Prejudice in English !! Loved Mr Kohli's Amrican accent and his antics. Ash is bland... liked the hero... dreamyyyyy guy he is... he he if you like the foren types... Another movie I am longing to see is King of Bollywood.. specially Om Puri's Character in it ... Ok dudes my travel posts are up... Day 1 in Mahabs ( will take you to Day 2 and Day 3 too) Snaps are up if you are interested !! Slide Show of the same snaps are here ... Adios for now... while I go back to ruminating as to how to leave office early.... plot plot plot... buhahahah !!!
  • Fall sick.. no that will not work this time...
  • ummmm.. personal emergency.... nope
  • got some official work at the prev office... nope... done that...
  • I think I shall stick to finishing work early and before any peering eyes peer too keenly I shall be out,.... ye hawwwww !!!

PS: Recently read on the Newspaper that a 19 year old gal fell of the Richmond Flyover while lighting a ciggy... today... there is an article about women smoking... why are they making a bog deal out of it... men smoke so do women,... does that need to be talked about so much ??

Planning to eat out... why dont you try Shiok.. here is a review from me !!!