October 13, 2004

Thumping Thursdays

In more ways than one... woke up with a muscle pull in my arm... cant express how painful it is... Reminds me of the muscle pulls I used to have after a long bout of swimming.. SIGH this is going to bother me for some days now... Reached early to office so trying to blog something....before the office gets crowded .... with peering eyes .... he he !!! Yesterday I was watching an old Amitabh movie Do Anjaane. The story had Rekha and Amitabh as the main characters and Prem Chopra as the villian and one of my favorites... Utpal Dutt.. as the humor stirrer... I found this movie hilarious though it had a serious theme with plot thickening kinda story happening... the mixture of humor with a serious story is somewhat rare to find.... The backdrop is Bengal so lot of Bengal humor there ... Some of the dialouges that I remember... ************************************************************************* Amitabh getting drunk and muttering to Prem Chopra... who is supposed to be Amitabh's good friend but has his eyes on rekha the beautiful wife... Amitabh cannot say anything while sober so he shouts after gulping down a few... at Prem Chopra.. YOU drinking drinking.. sinking deep.... (sputtering) Then Amitabh getting pissed with Prem Chopra at something he says and he shouts ... YOU THIRD PERSON.. YOU SINGULAR... YOU NEUTRAL GENDER .. GET OUT... hahah I could not help but go into stitches with laughter with this dialog... imagine insulting someone like this... only Amitabh can carry this off... Interaction between Utpal Dutt and Amitabh... Amitabh : (Asking about his wife) ... so how is Sunita Devi Utpal ( a Bengali Babu) : OHH !! She is phine ,.... tumi jaano ( do you know) Sunita Devi had a husband... woh mod oud Khaake rail se gir gaya... ( having had drinks he fell down from the train) . Amitabh ( very seriously) : what happenend then ? Utpal : tar pore ... ( after that) woh na ranjeeb mollik ke saath lot pot kiya... ranjeeb uske piche dourte dourte photur ho gaya... ( she messed around with ranjeeb and then ranjeed became broke running after her ) Appko kuno Obhigyota nahi hai !! na !! ( you dont have any experience) Obhigyota maane ... Amitabh: Tajurba,..... ( experience ) Utpal : AHHHH tajurba... dilruba. ( darling)... such a nice sounding word.... ( very enlghtened) Another scene: Utpal talking to Rekha while convincing her: Arrre Sunita Devi , aap aisa nahi kijiye. Appka koi dilruba nahi hai na .. ( what he meant to say was that you dont have experience in this.. ended up saying.. you dont have a darling in this) Another Scene: Utpal asking Amitabh... : What woh usme baygra nahi karega... aap samajh rahe hai na... ( he will not interfere, you know what I mean . eh ?? ) Amitabh : After brooding for sometime... hahah main samajhta hu.. woh tang nahi adayega.. ( yes yes I understand .. he will not interfere) Utpal ( enlightened again) : Ahhh Tang Udayega... ( ahh he will not fly his leg) Amitabh : Tang adayega ( in hindi it is equivalent to not poking his nose in other's business) Found the whole thing really hilarious... they dont make movies like this anymore... which has a little bit of everything. **************************************************************************** Recent Pet Peeve: Two guys in a bike riding normally and suddenly the pillion starts gesturing wildly... here I am thinking whether he means right or left... On looking closely found that he was animated about something that reminded him... there should be a rule saying that unnecessarily gesturing can cause accidents... Another pillion started waving his right hand up and down like a bird suddenly.. Well I thought that he was saying that he would be going right... then he started waving his left hand up and down ... now what am I supposed to think... he is imagining that he is flying in MG Road.. GRRRRRRRR