October 18, 2004

Pujo is here

Pujo is here !!! And I am feeling all misty eyed since I am missing home so much... This is that time of the year when all my close ones get together and have fun. Was planning to go home during this October but seems like it is not happening and here I hear my aunts screaming with joy at being reunited with their sisters... over the phone... sorely wishing I could be there with them.. Its been more than 8 years since I have spent Pujo with them.... and here I am feeling melancholic.... The air of festivity, the sound of Tak du ma dum drums.... sounding in the ears... the exchanging of sweets .. the sound of the conch.... getting and buying new clothes... eating Kichudi!!! Yummmm the Kichdi at the pandal is te best tasting Kichdi I ever had.... Ah Imiss all that ... there is nothing like celebrating festival with parents and close ones.... yes today I am remembering them with bittersweet nostalgia... a good time passed will never be back... and I have missed so many of the Puja times.... Some links on Durga Pujo... Mythology about Durga.. Traditional Pujo Cuisine Days of the Pujo Bangalore also holds good Pujo all around.. do not miss to go and have the kichudi and the accompaniments during this time... in the afternoon... it is yum.... Happy Pujo to all of you !!!