February 02, 2004

10th Jan Day 3

Woke up to the beach and then went down to the shacks for tea and breakfast. The food is much cheaper there and the service is great. Had nice fish sandwiches and a lazy tea appreciating the beach and the water. The weather was cool and peaceful. Many of the foreigners were already sun bathing on the beach beds... Lots of people and of all things lot of cows. We were crowded with a herd of cows as the sun starting going up. I thought i had enough of cows in the midst of the Bangalore traffic and them too in the beach.. I think they lost their way or something. I must say that there were a lot of friendly dogs wandering about who would come and rest by your side. They knew that food was available and they were pretty well behaved. I had a nice time watching them frolic and amused myself seeing the way the dogs got their food by putting their best paw.Took a few snaps and proceeded back to the hotel to leave for the venue where the ridermania would be held. The Venue was Riva Resorts where all the bikers would gather. Some early birds had already booked shacks at the venue... lucky bums. It was a pleasure seeing all the bikes that had gathered there. The Pune Roadshakers had got along Ten Sports Channel with them. They were shooting the whole thing. On our way we saw a sign welcoming us saying "Rider's Mania 2004 welcome.. " instead of Ridermania 04.. LOLOL... Guna's bike a 1959, Made in England, was the talk of the crowd. This bike is my favourite and it had a lot of people wanting to buy it. Guna was impressed and all set out to sell the bike but we deterred him from doing so. It was a collector's item and was running well. We advised him to sell in online at a good price. We lazed around in the beach for the whole day. I spent some time reading, had some good lunch, some beer. Kings is the best beer one can find there. The evening was full of dance and beer flowed like river among the crowd. To be honest, we were expecting a lot more interaction with the other groups and some group activity but it did not happen and we were left to fend for ourselves and do what we wanted and well that did not seem so bad since we had the beach to ourselves and a lot of shacks and beach beds to soak in the sun. I think we could have seen more of Goa instead of languishing there doing nothing. Maybe we were so used to doing something that sitting and doing nothing was something we were not used too. It was getting hot and the beer too stopped flowing on the house. The shacks near the house were also expensive but very romantic ifyou would want to spend a honeymoon there. One would have thought that fish of all food items would be cheap in Goa but no a plate of fish curry with three small pieces and plain rice in a small bowl would cost you some 200/- thats scandalous considering that fish was the staple food in Goa. The food rates differ depending on the location I guess. The rest of the day was spent with guys ogling with bigger than big eyes ;) at the display of very beautiful upper assets of the female bodies sunbathing and walking by. Someone had a pair of powerful binoculars just for this purpose... what a feast it would have been for the guys.. .he he !! I pored my nose in a Sidney Sheldon book acquired from the shack and after sometime I called to the women who sold junk jewellery and do some timepass and in the process bought some junk which I think was pretty. Anyway, the venue was high up in North Goa far away from main town and no one wanted to get lost. So most of the crowd stayed put by the beach. Some frolicked in the water while others waited for the sun to go down to have a nice swim in the sea. Rocky took a swim and a long run as the sun went down and I took a long walk by the beach too. It was a good time of the day with the wind whistling through and many came out for a walk by the calm sea. The party started by 8:00 and the dance floor started to warm up. We started dancing and others followed. The party went on till the food came on at 10. There was great cheering about the groups from Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai. Praveen from RTMC was doing the jumping jack act continuously and jumped on my feet twice. OW OW OW!!! And then he went on to the DJ took the mike and kept shouting RTMC yea yea yea !!! LOLOL That was fun. I think the Bangalore group was the noisiest. For me it was dance and then OW OW and then dance.... and then i started moving sideways to where Praveen would not jump... LOL. Mahendra and Easha were blown and drowning in beer and something else... godknowswhat... JFK who spent the whole morning sleeping in the beach was up and dancing the whole night with Anita. Suraj was displaying excellent facial expressions and looking for a gal. Guna succeeded in persuading not one but two gals to dance with him and all eyes were like ( GAWK) LOLOL. He is the gentlest of them all and all guys had a great time dancing then. The shy Jahangir also let his sleeves down. ( i say sleeves since he does not sport any hair) and freaked out. RTMC ruled the dance floor. Praveen continued to step in many's toes and shouting.... Each time I would sit down to take a breather he would jump and dance towards me to ask me to move... and i started to avoid his direction for fear of being stamped again and again... LOLOL... The Roadshakers from Pune did their jig with their jackets on... there were couple of good dancers there... then there were this group of sardarjis who did a slow bhangra with all the numbers and moving round and round all over the floor with his arms stretched out.. OYEEEEE........ They were being shot majorly by the crew that they got. Once when I was dancing with Rocks I see this camera suddenly appearing from below and I got a mild shock seeing the black lens proceeding up from below... YEESSHHH !! Well the food was much left to ask for and it was a laugh. The only thing which was edible was the fish fry. The rest was a mockery. Some butter chicken and then there was some prawn curry. Prawn curry was just curry and no prawns and well dinner was not that a great affair. Anyways after dinner we made our way to our rooms at Alcove and crashed off. Here are a few pics of the venue