February 23, 2004

Musical Rendezvous

A memorable weekend passed by and we had a great time. Saturday was time for some last minute shopping for home and thought of meeting maddie but then gave up the last minute since my list was running long and I was running short of time. So huff and a puff I ran along the lanes of MG road buying this and that, counting my items as I trudged along... Finally when I reached home it was 7:30 and well my hubby Rocks had asked me out on a date to go to a rock show... some 30 kms away from Bangalore.. He and another rider friend were planning to be there at this gig and well it was supposed to be good. It was going to be an evening of music and I am game for any music Thermal and Quarter, Zebediah Blush and Galeej Gurus... Out of the three I was familiar with TAAQ and I liked their music... As rode along the road it was thrill to feel the concrete under the tyres and it was a cool ride along the highway to Kanakpura since the traffic had slowed down. The venue was Trans Indus and it was way way off the main road tucked in somewhere in between nature where you had all sorts of birds coming in (this I saw written in the posters put up there ) There was this little lake by the side of which the stage was set. It was enclosed by a small gallery which could accomodate some 50 odd guys and there was ample space on top to lounge and listen to the band.. It was a private amphiteatre with a live show. What more could one want... made ourselves comfortable and totally gave in to the music.. The occasion was the Rainseed Festival where you could listen to good music in Bangalore. This is a monthly event which occurs on teh second saturday of every month. You can get to listen to different types of music along with eating good food. This time the special was rice and thai chicken besides others... Zebediah Plush was playing by the time we reached there and I had never listened to this group. What made the music good was the acoustic and the crowd who were all rockers.. We had one hour of music from all the three bands. TAAQ started playing and oh my oh my ... though i had heard only a few songs .. i am totally rockifullied by this group.. they are good. and I am totally smitten by the drummer... drool drool... he is so cuteeee !!!! and he plays awesome... And can I be exempted from any wierd happenings ... noooo ... how can that be.. ? well there was this guy doped and drunk and possibly a fan of TAAQ and his favourite word for the period was SPARROW. I ssume that this is a famous song by TAAQ. So everytime Bruce stopped to talk to the crowd he would shout at the top of his voice whining ... SPAAAAROOOWWWWW... SPAAAROOOWWWW like a kid wanting a toy and not getting it... this went on even in the middle of some songs and well the band at one point just shouted somebody to give him some sparrows or whatever shit and shut him up....LOLOL somebody then took pity on him and tried to divert him by giving him a bottle of beer or something still he went SPARRROWWWW... SPARROWWWW.. COOOMEEE on YAAAARRR.. SPAROWWWWWW .. LOLOLOLOLOL well his sparrow did not fly that day... LOLOL Anyways dinner was good with yumm rice... I spotted Vasundhara Das at the counter and well I wished we could hear her sing.. it seems she used to sing ina rock band with an ex colleague of mine.. It was Galeej Gurus' time and it looked like that the band was not well rehearsed but we cheered them on. The lead guitarist with a hat on his head was the best. The main vocals guy kept having a problem and well we had had enough so we made our way home... All the three bands were unique in their own way. Zebediah Plush had a female base guitarist which I had seen for the first time. They did a great version of Hush. The lead vocalist has got a great screaming range. LOL TAAQ had all of them doing the vocals and they had some interesting musical instruments made of shells. I adore Rajeev the drummer... he rocks ... he he !! Bruce is also a dude with his humour and his vocals and amazing. Rzhude and Meher are good with their stuff too. They make a very good and professional team together and its a pleasure hearing them. I hope they go really far... after Rock Machine later on Indus Creed, we need a hard core rock band who have great lyrics and rhythm and of course support and they do if I am not mistaken. Parikrama is one of the other bands that I like but after listening to more than an hour of TAAQ, I swear by them.. All the songs that they sung were composed by the band and it was a good feel to listen to some originality rather than something famous sung by so many singers. Galeej gurus was also unique with the drummer doing the main vocals. His voice reminded me of Jon bon jovi.. and some of GNR lead vocalist.... its very difficult to keep voice coordination and the beat what we call in India "Taal". I used to have a major problem during my classical training days. I salute him but this band needs more practice and maybe do more original music. All in all it was a good melange of music and I think it was very well organised and the crowd was small and decent so it was really chill out.. it was musical heaven for me... yes it was.... ************************************************** Tomorrow I am scheduled to take the flight out of Bangalore with Rocks for home but it seems that Calcutta is on strike so we cannot make it... so our travel has been rescheduled for the day after.. BUMMER...BUMMER BUMMER !!! are the heavens speaking to me... I am keeping everything crossed so that we can at least make it day after !!!! Some more on Rain seed.. click here This is the map to reach Trans Indus if you are interested to check this place out ... visit this site and click on the map link for the map. ************************************************************************************ Caught up on a few movies.. Watched Market... well it was going on well in the beginning but the 2nd part spoit it all with all stupid emotional dialogues.. I am so thankful that I can finish up watching hindi movies at home. And thank god for the Fast Fwd button.. he he !! Manisha is putting on weight like nobody's business and well it was not very pleasant to watch her. Suman R and the other babe were cool and the actor did an OK job too.. My take : you can very well give it a miss.. My next movie was Jhankar Beats. I had missed it on the tele and in the theatre so was keen on watching it. Time was the only factor due to which I could not watch this movie. Anyways, finally got to catch up on this movie and it was a pleasure watching the antics of the characters... I found that Sanjay Suri and Rahul Bose did a great job. Found Riya Sen and the third guy's performance very plastic. Juhi was her usual bubby self and well Rinkie Khanna .. ummm well she did not have much of a role to play...The whole theme is on RD Burman's music and winning a show. Liked the editing and the humor portion of the movie. But I would just watch it once. I have yet to watch a good hindi comedy. I think Humgama was the last I watched.. that was fun. Then came Ek Hasina Thi . As I progressed into the plot, it was interesting but I had a feeling of deja vu... of reading the same plot somewhere and it was a mish mash of If Tomorrow Comes and Double Jeopardy with the hindi masala thrown in.. a plot well made I must say but the theme is the same. If you are familiar with these two stories, the movie plot seems to be very predictable but if you are not aware of it you will enjoy this story. Again well edited and well picturised. No matter what, Ram Gopal Verma brings out the best in Urmila. I guess its the chemistry. LOLOL Well thats that and I am still looking for the eusive Maqbool which I hope to catch tomorrow ... since I shall be at home. Tomorrow is a surpise holiday for me.. yeaaa since I already took leave but flight got cancelled. So will be pampering myself thoroughly.... Aromatherapy here I come..... ************************************************************************************ Oh yes got to visit my fav bro. Have not been in touch with him lately but that family is always on my mind. Its so easy to get lost in the daily hassles of running a life... that you forget your close ones very often.. SIGH !!!! Goodbye to all my friends... will meet ya on the 3rd of March hopefully with lots more stories and pics !!!