February 11, 2004

Oooh lala

Oooh lala I have finally finished my french final exams and I am sorely wishing that I will get through. The grammar was tough but this time the level was the most boring and I had missed a couple of classes too .. He he took two days of leave to study but anyways.. today my teacher was telling me that the theme that was given to us.. my concept was the best but stupid grammatical mistakes... This has always been my habit making silly mistakes and then we have a girl who is over enthu about everything and she is studying in STD 9th. Makes me feel like an old lady in the class. Where does she have all the energy... seems like a long time ago when I had the patience or the impatience to jump about... Anyway, she keeps going on and on about how good she is and well that is definitely giving me a complex though i like to think that i do not suffer from complexes... but I am so not having faith in this exam... working and studies definitely does not bode well.... and I have been doing it just because I wanted to do something more in my life and look where it has got me... I am a shattered soul full of mistrust in oneself... Anyway, I just hope I can get through to do the Diplome de Langue course but I have about 4 months of break since its one of the master level course... and will take some time to start.. till that time I can very well hope that I get through and have the will to continue... My self confidence has seriously taken a beating.. .... :(:( But I think I shall just go and boost it up with a little dish which I am planning to make... cooking always helps me and yes definitely also blogging... thank god for that.. and to think that I was never the type to write a journal... PS: thanks dear friends for giving me so many feedbacks on the blog will work on it as soon as I get it. I am no expert.. just experimenting !!! I have also got the time to update my photo blog.... just put some snaps from my different trips... undertaken in the country... I am free for sometime now... so am doing lots of RND on blogging and templates and stuffff..... its fun !!!!!!!!!!